• Material

    Our tabletop induction cooker is made from pure PP
    bottom,ABS cover, you can choose with or without
    stainless steel frame. Built in induction cooker is
    made from metal bottom.

  • Low noise

    It has less noise as its
    inner structure
    is smoother.

  • Save time

    High efficiency smart
    cooking,save your
    cooking time.

  • Important elements

    Venpole use copper coil,imported IGBT which will
    keep your item evenly heating,higher efficiency and
    longer life.
    offers 2 years guarantee on the products.

  • Smart procedure

    Offer you the best cooking
    and more delicious food.

  • Very easy to maintain

    just use soft cloth to clean is
    ok,good for the user.

  • Easy to move

    Tabletop induction cooker,be
    moved easily and offer you more
    convenient life.

  • Temperature Display

    Help you to recognize and give
    you more idea on cooking.

  • Power level Display

    will give you more option for
    your cooking.


Possess certificates that meet the
needs of different markets.


Only heat the cooking surface when
close to the cookware.

Fire prevention

It will stop cooking and the surface will
cool down quickly after closing.

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